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We focus on the common threads of all religious and spiritual practices rather than the differences.

THIS WEEK AT THE CHAPEL - October 10, 2017


Kathleen Rehling will speak to us this week about the “Power of ‘I Am.’” Kathleen always brings so much wisdom and light to us when she speaks. I know this will be an uplifting talk you will want to hear and grow from.

MUSIC will be provided by Marie Dunkle. Laura Dendy offers prelude music each Sunday as we gather, greet one another, sip coffee and prepare for the message. Come a bit early and enjoy coffee and fellowship.



The Hatha Yoga group meets on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm under the leadership of Dana Thiele. All are welcome

Qigong meets on Mondays from 5:45 - 6:45 pm. You are welcome no matter what level of proficiency you have.

Both Yoga and Qigong are donation only activities. A general suggestion is $7 per class…but never let that prevent you from participating. It is a suggestion, but not a requirement.



Notice from the Board:
Our annual members meeting will be on November 12 immediately following the service. There will be a report on the Chapel budget and finances as well as a report on the past year’s accomplishments and improvements planned for 2018. More information will be forthcoming.



Remember that the Board always welcomes your input. Our contact information is:

Dee Daley (404-219-8109) deedaley@yahoo.com

Marie Dunkle (770-335-0967) mdunkle@mindspring.com

Garnett Nash (706-782-7234) gwnash@aol.com

Joyce Oliver (828-200-9160) joyousmo22@gmail.com 



“Plays Well With Others.” Remember when in elementary school this item appeared on the report card? In my school we were graded Satisfactory (S), Unsatisfactory (U) and Failure (F). I always had ‘S’ in my playing with others skills. It couldn’t be other than satisfactory, since I just sort of blended into the background…no ripples did I make. If no one knew I was there, I was happy.

I was thinking today that I am very glad we’re not being issued periodic evaluations and grades in behavior now. At this stage in life, I’d probably merit an F in the playing well category. I’ve become something of a curmudgeon I guess. Maybe I spent too many years being the good little girl, and so all that pent-up bratiness is finally coming out. If playing well with others means not speaking your mind when your ideas are not popular; if it means not going along with the crowd; if it means thinking that your opinions don’t matter, then I’m failing for sure.

I’d like to believe that I am not totally abrasive in my interactions with others. I really try to consider the other guy’s feelings and needs, but I’m sure not 100% on target with that one. There are some mighty fine role models around me. I know many folks who are the epitome of diplomacy. I know others who seem to have the patience of Job. Some go out of their way to yield to the other person’s opinion; never offending; always the peacemaker. And those folks offer fine examples for me to follow. Truth is, sometimes these behaviors get on my nerves!

It seems I always take the role of ‘Devil’s Advocate.’ I love a spirited debate, and this is a good method for digging deeper into whatever the topic at hand is. Some, I know, back away from this type of interaction perhaps fearing that they will appear argumentative and be less likable. 

Recently I attended a memorial service for a friend. In eulogizing her, several of her children and close friends reiterated the fact that you never had to guess how she felt about something; she always spoke her mind. And they said you knew exactly where you stood with her. I saw those loving comments as affirming the beauty of this woman’s spirit. With her it was always clear that “what you see is what you get.” You always got the sense that you were with the genuine article.

There’s something refreshing about being with someone who is clearly comfortable with being unapologetically who they are. “This above all, to thine own self be true. And it will follow as night the day, thou canst then not be false to any (hu)man.” (The Bard will surely forgive my clumsy quoting of his writing from memory.)

I’m working on finding a happy medium in which I am able to stand for what I believe, speak my mind, express who I am, and still be someone whom others don’t dread discussing controversial topics with.

Before the next report card is sent home, I promise to do my best to improve my playing well with others skills, and hopefully I can move the grade from an ‘F’ up to at least a ‘U.’

What would your report card say? 


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“Divine love thru me blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.”