Wayfarers Unity Sunday Talks

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January 21, 2018 - The A.R.T. of Life, Robert Akers of Unity of Asheville - 15 minutes

Our natural state is peace and can be achieved by being aware (A) of our thoughts (T) on our actions (A) .

Rev. Dr. Katherine R. B. Greysen

All Things: Big and Small” - Time: 18:01

Marie Dunkle

Surrender - Time - 9:55

Rev. Randy Doster

Spiritual Intuition - Time: 12:09

Dee Daley

Choices, I No Longer Eat White Bread - Time: 18:00

Dee Daley

You Can Live Your Life for the Better If You Decide to Do So - Time: 17:00


Music & Spirit - Time: 22:04


Marie Dunkle - Time - 18:02